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About Us

One of the Biggest Chinse Society in Oxford

A non-profit, voluntary, service-oriented, apolitical, non-religious, and non-commercial student and scholar organization registered at the University of Oxford.


Our Story

The Oxford Chinese Students and Scholars Association (often referred to as Oxford CSSA) was established in 1986. It is a non-profit, voluntary, service-oriented, apolitical, non-religious, and non-commercial student and scholar organization registered at the University of Oxford. As of the 2022-2023 academic year, the association boasts over 3,000 general members and more than 200 executive members. We are the largest Chinese community organization in Oxford. Every year, nearly 500 students and scholars join our email list and service groups, the vast majority of whom are from China. In recent years, an increasing number of Oxford University members interested in Chinese language and culture have also joined our association. Over the years, the Oxford CSSA has made notable contributions in presenting the image of our compatriots, representing the voices of the Chinese community, promoting Chinese culture, bridging Eastern and Western thoughts, establishing a platform for communication, and creating an alumni network.

The primary focuses of Oxford CSSA include:

  1. Supporting and safeguarding the life, study, and development of students and scholars. We establish connections with official bodies at Oxford University, local governments, and social institutions to reflect the collective demands of Chinese international students at Oxford, representing and voicing their concerns, protecting their rights and interests, and promoting the well-being of Chinese students and scholars. By strengthening our ties with the university's international office and maintaining cooperative relationships with companies in China, the UK, and other regions, we help members fully utilize and enjoy Oxford's resources in studies, employment, and entrepreneurship. By connecting with local legal and medical assistance institutions, we offer Chinese consultation services, providing support in areas like resettlement, work, and medical care.

  2. Enhancing the construction of the alumni network and providing a convenient platform for communication. Graduates of Oxford University are spread across various fields, many of whom have achieved certain successes in their careers. On the other hand, Oxford's visiting scholar group is full of talented individuals and masters in their respective fields. Oxford University also provides business course training for some local governments and enterprises in China. These characteristics together form the valuable resource that is the Oxford Chinese alumni community. Oxford CSSA establishes extensive contacts through its website, embassies, and Oxford alumni associations across the country, jointly offering platforms for alumni exchanges. By organizing regular alumni gatherings and networking events, we have formed an extensive alumni network.

  3. Promoting communication and connection among students and scholars from the Greater China region. Chinese culture shares a common lineage. Given the increasing frequency of economic and political exchanges in the Greater China area, as the Oxford CSSA, we also strengthen our ties and information exchanges with student associations from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and other places. By co-hosting activities through our various specific functional departments, we enhance cultural, academic, and social exchanges, thereby forming a stable platform for the Chinese community.

​Recent Activities

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